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  • Early development of children from 1 to 3.5 years old in mini-groups

  • Mini kindergarten (4-hour stay) for kids from 2.5 to 5 years

  • Individual classes

  • Teachers with higher pedagogical education and 10 years of work experience

Reviews about VAVERKI children's early development center

The character of a person and his abilities are not predetermined by heredity but are formed at the age of up to three years. During this period, a child's potential is practically limitless, and its development depends on the quality of upbringing. We believe that the approach to early childhood upbringing needs to be reconsidered. Caring for a small child now is reduced mainly to meeting his physiological needs and treatment in case of illness.

What do some parents understand by early development of children?

Up to the age of three, when a child's brain possesses unique abilities, they do not pay any attention to it, and they begin to teach him only after three years to what they teach in elementary school.

Studies of brain physiology, on the one hand, and child psychology, on the other, have shown that the key to the development of a child's mental abilities is his personal experience of cognition in the first three years of life, that is, earlier development during the formation of brain cells. No one child is born as a genius, and no one is born as a fool. Everything depends on the stimulation and degree of development of the brain during the crucial first three years of a child's life. It's already too late to start education in kindergarten.

What is the purpose of early development of children? 

The main goal of early development is to develop in a child his unlimited potentialities. Our childhood development center has a narrow focus on the development of children from 1 to 3 years old, because we consider this age to be fundamental for the formation of basic skills, abilities, and knowledge. Also, due to the imperfection of the educational system, we attach such importance to early development. With proper intellectual development at an early age, a child does better at school. He can more easily tolerate the system of "getting grades" in school. If good seeds were sown during the most critical period of his early childhood, the child will grow up strong enough to withstand any difficulties.

When it is important to do early development of a child?

The first three years of a child's life are a unique period of his formation as a personality, each new day brings new discoveries, becomes a new step, and a new brick in the process of forming intellectual abilities. What and who will surround the child during this period is of great importance in the future.

We are pedagogues Anya and Sveta, with more than 10 years of experience, are convinced that the first three years are fundamental in the life of every person. We also pay a lot of attention to the question of what to teach children over the age of three. But according to modern research, by this age, the development of brain cells has already been completed by 70-80 percent. Does this mean that we should focus our efforts on the early development of the child's brain before the age of three?

Our answer is - we must!

Pedagogues and founders of the vaverki children's development center

In our center, YOUR child will meet pedagogues who sincerely believe in him, who will give him the freedom to be himself, help him develop, and surround him with care and love.

We, two pedagogues, mothers of two wonderful children, Anya and Sveta, are honestly and selflessly in love with our work!

For 3 years now, powerful transformations have taken place in our life, thanks to which we decided to create a children's development center!

Let's discover the world of knowledge together!


Higher education, pedagogue-psychologist, experience in kindergarten, mother of little Dyoma.


Higher education, pedagogue of the first category, work experience in a gymnasium and a children's camp, mother of little Athena.


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